Quantum loop groups and shuffle algebras via Lyndon words


The universal sheaf as an operator


The R-matrix of the quantum toroidal algebra


Deformed W-algebras in type A for rectangular nilpotent


Motivic decompositions for the Hilbert scheme of points of a K3 surface


The Chow of S^[n] and the universal subscheme


Toward AGT for parabolic sheaves


A tale of two shuffle algebras

The PBW basis of U_{q,q'}(gl_n^^)

Lehn's formula in Chow and Conjectures of Beauville and Voisin

Affine Laumon spaces and a conjecture of Kuznetsov

Hecke correspondences for smooth moduli spaces of sheaves

AGT relations for sheaves on surfaces

W-algebras associated to surfaces

Shuffle algebras associated to surfaces

The q-AGT-W relations via shuffle algebras

Flag Hilbert schemes, colored projectors and Khovanov-Rozansky homology

Infinitesimal change of stable basis

Exts and the AGT relations

Quantum algebras and cyclic quiver varieties

The m/n Pieri rule

Operators on symmetric polynomials

Refined knot invariants and Hilbert schemes

Quantum toroidal and shuffle algebras

Moduli of flags of sheaves and their K-theory

The shuffle algebra revisited

Affine Laumon spaces and integrable systems

Holder properties of perturbed skew products and Fubini regained

Invisible parts of attractors

Yangians and cohomology rings of Laumon spaces

Laumon spaces and the Calogero-Sutherland integrable system